Skiving Snackbox Scavange – Harry Potter Game

Skiving Snackbox Scavange – Harry Potter Game


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Skiving Snackbox Scavenge – Harry Potter Game

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Skiving Snackbox Scavenge – Harry Potter Game. At Hogwarts, smuggling candy is not allowed. During their time as students at Hogwarts, twin brothers Fred & George made up several practical jokes and secretly sold fop candy without Filch’s knowledge. Their ambition to sell their desired fop candy in Diagon Alley is greater than ever. Will you disguised as Harry, Draco, Luna, Ron or Hermione help the twins make their dream come true? The first step is to smuggle the Weasley treats into your dorm room at Hogwarts as quickly as possible. To accomplish this, players must collect their 4 most infamous Weasel treats: Puke Pastilles, Nose Blood Nougat, Fever Caramel and Chocolate Frogs, but beware when Filch gets a hold of you, he will take away all your candy and you will have to collect all the candy again. Will you be the first to collect all of the goodies and reach the dorm room? Dutch and French language!

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Skiving Snackbox Scavenge – Harry Potter Game


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