Place pre-orders

Future Disney and Harry Potter collections are announced regularly. E.g. the monthly launch of new Loungefly bag and purse designs or the biannual Disney Traditions by Jim Shore figurines. Kings & Queens offers you the opportunity to reserve these items via our pre-order system, so that you are assured of your copy the moment these items actually come out.

Place a Pre-order:

1. Select the relevant item and place it in your ‘shopping cart’.
Pay attention: you can only order 1 type of item per Pre-order. Combining different items in 1 order is unfortunately not possible! You must therefore place a separate Pre-order for each item type! (You can place multiple pieces of the same item in 1 order).

Example: you want to order 2x the latest Snow White bag and 1x the matching wallet. You can place the 2 bags in 1 pre-order. You have to create a separate pre-order for the wallet.

2. Enter your address details and confirm the order. Kings & Queens will now automatically receive your pre-order.


Do I have to pay in advance?
New. As soon as we receive the item, we will send it asap. If you have chosen to have several items shipped together and in order to avoid shipping costs, they will be sent when the entire order is complete.

Shipping costs:

You pay shipping costs when the total order does not meet the established limit for free shipping. If your total order amount meets the free shipping limit, we will send the package to a DHL or DPD parcel point, depending on the destination country. (free shipping limit varies by country…check us out for info). If you still want to receive the package at your home address, the shipping costs will be calculated.
Sending to a parcel point is cheaper and safer for us.

Do I now have to pay the shipping costs per pre-order?

No, if Kings & Queens can combine multiple pre-orders to the same shipping address, you only have to pay the shipping costs once. Choose the desired shipping method with the first pre-order. With every subsequent pre-order, choose the option ‘Combine (Pre-)Orders and avoid double shipping costs’. The additional shipping costs will then not be calculated. If you still want to have the items shipped separately, this may result in additional shipping costs.


The stated delivery dates are always subject to change, no rights can be derived from this.
Pre-orders are always without obligation. Images of the articles may differ from the final product. We understand that an item is canceled because it does not meet expectations. Abuse and/or frequent cancellation of pre-orders may result in exclusion from future orders.

Feel free to contact us with any questions!